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EMDR Therapy for Complicated Mourning (video-on-demand)

Length: 1 hour

One Day Workshop: EMDR Therapy for Complicated Mourning

Working with mourning clients can be difficult. To face the irrevocability of loss and to stand helpless and empty-handed as a therapist is a heavy burden. Sometimes it seems there is nothing we can do to help our clients. Yet there are many ways in which EMDR therapy can contribute to helping our clients live a valuable life after a serious loss.

This workshop discusses the psychodynamics of uncomplicated mourning including criteria to determine when and how to more actively intervene. Six different patterns of complicated mourning will be presented: denied mourning, postponed mourning, chronic mourning, distorted mourning, traumatized mourning, and somatized mourning.  Case conceptualization and treatment plans for each of the six patterns of complicated mourning is offered.

A toolbox of effective treatment techniques taught. An array of “non- EMDR” techniques (rituals, Gestalt dialogue, inner dialogue with the deceased, writing assignments, image-ination techniques) are described and integrated into EMDR-combined techniques to address specific patterns of complicated mourning. Practical interventions to address resistance and affect regulation problems are presented, as well as specific interweaves.

Learning objectives- Participants will be able to: 

  1. identify psychodynamics of the mourning process
  2. differentiate between uncomplicated and complicated mourning
  3. identify six patterns of complicated mourning
  4. identify treatment techniques to work with mourning problems
  5. identify integrated techniques (EMDR and non-EMDR)
  6. develop treatment plans and apply advanced techniques for six patterns of complicated mourning.

Dr. Joany Spierings returns to the US by popular demand following last year’s tour de force visit and training.

Joany is a psychologist who has been practicing in the Netherlands, for 35 years, and specializes in complex trauma and complicated grief. She works with severely traumatized clients and develops stabilization techniques and adaptations of EMDR to fit the specific needs of these clients.

Throughout Europe, Joany is a highly respected master clinician, consultant and trainer. She is a founding member of EMDR Europe and the Dutch EMDR Association (one of Europe’s largest EMDR-member nations, and Vice President of the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP-Europe). Joany has presented at most European Conferences and all Dutch Conferences to date and has trained and presented in 25 countries around the world (China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Israel, Palestine, Algeria, Canada, the U.S, all of Europe and more). 

Note: The content and application of this training material is for EMDR trained clinicians only. Viewing is for registered participants only. No recordings or other distribution of the materials without the presenter and sponsor’s permission is allowed.

CE Credit Hours: 6

Course Materials

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